sabato 30 giugno 2012

Outfit: 50's Style

Hello Girls! Last night me and my boyfriend attended the dinner of our choir. We had diner at a really cute restaurant in the area ... and this is the outfit I chose for the evening, that reminds me 50's style: floral skirt by H&M, vintage denim vest, wedges tricolor, and big belt at the waist to complete the look! Like?

giovedì 28 giugno 2012

Inspiration 2

Here are some images that really impressed me in recent days. I found these photos wandering around various sites and I immediately fell in love! Not only fashion but also images of furniture and art, in short, what struck me most! I hope that they are a source of inspiration also for you!
With great affection

mercoledì 27 giugno 2012

I Love Shopping 3

Finally I could enjoy a wonderful afternoon of shopping mother and daughter! As my usual I could not resist and I came back with a lot of new purchases that I want to show you now! We have literally burgled Kiko make up, and we also made ​​a short visit to H&M and Pull and Bear where I was captured by these fantastic colorful items! Do you like?
P. S. Even my kitty is enthusiastic about the new clothes that I brought home ... In fact, she found them very "comfortable" haha: D

domenica 24 giugno 2012

Outfit: My Treasure!

I don't know if you ever had to search among your mom's old stuff ... I often find real vintage items that she normally avoids wearing while they are really unique pieces for me! And here is an example of what I said: yesterday I was cleaning and arranging the closets when I found these 2 great items: the floral blazer (United Colors of Benetton) and the black maxi bag (Sisley). She obviously has passed them to me willingly, because they remained unusedand dusty  for years at the bottom of her closet without anyone knowing of their existence, and I wanted to wear them immediately, with this new outfit that I show in the post ...what do you think?
It 's true that what is unusable for some, for others it becomes a real treasure!

sabato 23 giugno 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Pink&Teal

Here another nail art tutorial where I will show you through simple steps how you can get some fantastic decorations on your nails! We begin this adventure armed with lots of creativity and a lot of patience! :)

lunedì 18 giugno 2012

I love shopping 2

Here are the new items just arrived in my closet! Although this was not a real shopping attack, because the real highlight is the gorgeous sandals by Zara, a beautiful gift from my wonderful boyfriend! ;)
Instead, other purchases are the "Kiko" lipstik and the "Essence" nail polishes, perfect for nail art! (Today I had the opportunity to "test" the glitter silver, and they are really superglamur!)
The highlight, however, are my new sandals: the use of various shades of blue makes them perfect for this season where the color block is really a must!
They are truly the perfect gift for me because it perfectly reflects my style! I hope to use them soon in one of my next outfit!

domenica 17 giugno 2012

Outfit: Summer Time

SUMMER has finally arrived in Verona! Despite the rain had reigned as mistress over the past weekend, the sun has now taken over, and we instantly noticed! :) So yesterday we took the opportunity to make the first dive of the season: me and my boyfriend went to Canevaworld of Lazise (Garda lake), a fantastic aqua park with many slides and swimming pools, fun and relaxation are sure! I really needed it after more than a month of study intended for the examination of Physiology, which fortunately went well;)
The outfit that I show you is what I chose for this sunny morning: light and fresh white blouse, high heels sandals, and my usual touch of blue that always refers to the summer!
What do you think?

venerdì 15 giugno 2012

Inspiration 1

Hello girls! Here are some pictures that I was particularly impressed and which I will certainly inspiring. Enjoy;)

sabato 9 giugno 2012

Nail Art Tutorial: Green Dots

Something about my appearance, which must always be perfect, they are absolutely my nails!
Perhaps you might even believe me crazy, but if somehow ruin the nail polish I have to fix it immediately, or if I see a little chipped fingernail, I am looking in the bag the nail file to fix it;) You already know that I love the colorful nail polishes, so it will be hard to find me without some bright colors in my hands! This explains why this new book on my blog: I want to share with you some tutorial CREATED BY ME where I will show you through simple steps how you can get some fantastic decorations on your nails! We begin this adventure armed with lots of creativity and a lot of patience! :)

giovedì 7 giugno 2012

Outfit: Oriental Scent

 I have to admit that decide to open this blog has not been an easy choice ... For some time I had the idea of ​​sharing my passion with other people who love the world of fashion. I was interested to be able to advise, and to be advised on new trends to grow personally, and why not, maybe even inspire someone through my photos! At the beginning, but I was discouraged by the fear of not being worthy of this role, of being judged negatively, and that my dream became just a disappointment. One day, however, encouraged by my boyfriend have been taken by a moment of madness I decided to also leave my mark on the web (albeit still small and insignificant ....) But day after day I am increasingly convinced that I did the right thing because they are happy and proud to express my way of being and slowly let the world know my story ... I want to thank all of you followers because you have made ​​my "Sweet Dream" a reality! thanks :)

venerdì 1 giugno 2012

Outfit: Walking

Yesterday I took some photos while I was walking with my dog Kya! She also has a new look: casual cut, and new collar! ;)

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